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Jazzed about 4th of July by Jerald Simon

Jazzed about 4th of July by Jerald Simon
(Click on the cover image above to download the entire book for FREE until July 4th - this link will be removed on July 5th, 2015 - the book is available in spiral bound and PDF formats as well)
Download Jazzed about Jazz by Jerald Simon for FREE until July 4th, 2015
Listen to the music below:
For the entire month of June, 2015, I will give away my book, "Jazzed about 4th of July", as a FREE PDF download. Anyone will be able to download it - piano teachers, piano students, and pianists in general. I want as many people to download the book as possible.
I am giving this away for free, but there are a few things I would ask that you do since this is a freebie...

Party by Jerald Simon

Watch the video of me playing "Party" (simply click on the video above)

New Vendor Application

CDs vendors can resell to their clients - by Jerald Simon

The Ship of Success

Set Sail on your own "ship of success" - Blog post by Jerald Simon - visit
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - 05.27.2015
How often do we take ownership of our own faults, mistakes, wrong doings, misdeeds, and misspoken truths (lies of all shades and colors - white, gray, and even dark black)? Life is about learning and improving, and we all make mistakes of all shapes and sizes. The key is what we learn from our past mistakes and if we can take ownership of our mishaps and missteps along the way...READ MORE 

Do You Talk to Yourself? Do You Listen?

Do You Talk to Yourself? Do You Listen? Blog post by Jerald Simon - visit
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - 05.20.2015
Do you talk to yourself? Better yet, do you listen? Do you listen to what your TRUE SELF says? I'm not talking about the you you want to or pretend to be, I'm referring to who you really are - the you that only you know better than anyone else.
I don't know about you, but I talk to myself all the time. I admit it. I have many conversations one on one with myself. Mostly I encourage myself and give personal pep talks to myself about where I presently am in life and where I would like to go. I ask myself questions about my strengths, weaknesses, my ideas, beliefs, hopes, fears, etc. I believe it is wonderful to sit down with yourself and have a heart to heart every now and then. Truthfully, it is probably the best idea to do this on a daily and sometimes hourly basis...


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