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Do You Talk to Yourself? Do You Listen?

Do You Talk to Yourself? Do You Listen? Blog post by Jerald Simon - visit
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - 05.20.2015
Do you talk to yourself? Better yet, do you listen? Do you listen to what your TRUE SELF says? I'm not talking about the you you want to or pretend to be, I'm referring to who you really are - the you that only you know better than anyone else.
I don't know about you, but I talk to myself all the time. I admit it. I have many conversations one on one with myself. Mostly I encourage myself and give personal pep talks to myself about where I presently am in life and where I would like to go. I ask myself questions about my strengths, weaknesses, my ideas, beliefs, hopes, fears, etc. I believe it is wonderful to sit down with yourself and have a heart to heart every now and then. Truthfully, it is probably the best idea to do this on a daily and sometimes hourly basis...

The Dawn of a New Age (review)

The Dawn of a New Age by Jerald Simon ($18.95 - spiral bound book or $6.95 - PDF download)
The Dawn of a New Age by Jerald Simon (published by Music Motivation)
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Takin' it Easy by Jerald Simon

Try playing this new cool song I composed on the piano - "Takin' it Easy" (with the minus track). Watch the video and share with friends!   This is my new "Cool Song" video from my annual subscription (posted on 05.15.2015):

Wisdom of the Ages

Wisdom of the Ages by Jerald Simon - Wednesdays Words of Wisdom by Jerald Simon - visit
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - 05.13.2015
True wisdom is ageless. It is timeless because it has withstood the tests of time. The question is: "What are we doing right now to learn the wisdom of the past?" These are not "secret" texts or cryptic messages of mystery and intrigue. I am referring to truths that have been passed down from one generation to the next. These are truths that have been tried and tested. They are truisms. We often learn from history books that history often has a way of repeating itself over and over again. Either for better or worse, the good and the bad has a tendency of reappearing with new generations. Maybe we need to make (or remake) our own mistakes so we will learn from the school of hard knocks ourselves! I personally don't think so, but some, based on their actions, might...READ MORE

Motivate Piano Students to Perform

What can we do as piano teachers and parents of piano students to help them (our piano students), become excited and stay excited about playing the piano? I believe it is in helping them connect with the piano on a personal level - not because their parents want them to play and definitely not because their piano teacher wants them to play. It's important for the parent and piano teacher to be passionate and motivated about playing the piano, but I believe as we help piano students have fun playing the piano and encourage them to continually perform for their friends and family, they will connect with the piano and have a motivational moment that gets them returning to the piano and keeps them at the piano because they want to be there. I believe we can encourage them to be creative by having "Jam Sessions"with them and teaching them how to improvise, arrange, and compose music of their own. I personally believe that helps them connect with the piano on a deeper level and is more meaningful because it becomes their music! That is what motivated me to get to the piano, keep at the piano, and ultimately make music my career, my life, and something I want to share with everyone!
Here are some of the "Improv Jam Session" moments from our spring concert/recital for my piano students:


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