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Rescue by Jerald Simon

Try playing this new cool song I composed on the piano - "Rescue" (with the minus track). Watch the video and share with friends!   This is my new "Cool Song" video from my annual subscription (posted on 1.22.2016).

25% off Christmas Sale (2015)

25% off all CDs and Books by Jerald Simon - December 2015

We are having a 25% off Christmas Sale for the month of December, 2015!

There is no need to enter a coupon. The special pricing has already been discounted for you.

The 7 Markers of Musical Success - An Easy Way to Learn to Read Music Notes

Learn to READ MUSIC (an easy way) - Introducing the 7 Markers of Musical Success by Jerald Simon - Music Motivation
We all know the look students give us when we put sheet music in front of them when they don't know all of their notes. They are filled with fear! It's not just the "deer in the headlights" look - it's the "piano student in quick sand" look. 


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