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The 4 Fundamental Foundations of Music Mastery

The 4 Fundamental Foundations of Music Mastery by Jerald Simon - Music Motivation
There are four basic fundamental foundations of music mastery.
1. Music Notation
2. Rhythmic Independence
3. Musicality
4. Personal Touch
Another way of saying it is:
1. "Know which notes to play"

TRIUMPHANT by Jerald Simon

Triumphant is the first inspirational/motivational piece from a book of soundtrack like pieces also called TRIUMPHANT. Each of the pieces sound majestic!
Watch the video:
You can also watch the music video of me performing Triumphant:

See the world for what it Jerald Simon

See the world for what it Jerald Simon from the book "Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers"
This is an excerpt from my book, "Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers". The book contains motivational messages and inspiriational ideas to help others do their best and continually strive to be better. Have a great day today and be your best!

The Chase by Jerald Simon

Click on the image below to Download this FREE "Cool Song" titled: "The Chase" by Jerald Simon
The Chase by Jerald Simon - FREE PDF copy of the "Cool Song" published by Music Motivation - print off this free copy at:
This is one of the "Cool Songs" from my "Cool Songs Annual Subscription". Every month I come out with two new "Cool Songs" that I share with piano teachers and piano students who have signed up for the subscription. Most of these "Cool Songs" also feature accompaniment instrumentation and orchestration so piano students get to play with the band.
"The Chase" is a fun intermediate piano solo in the key of A minor (C Major). The left hand primarily plays octave intervals while the right hand is playing notes from the A minor pentascale (A B C D E) and also the Perfect 5th interval (C and G) and the Major 3rd interval (C and E). With every "Cool Song" I compose, I teach the music theory of the new "Cool Song" and demonstrate who students, and teachers, can use the music theory I present to compose music of their own.
Click on the image below to watch the video:
Watch "The Chase" by Jerald Simon - a fun, "Cool Song" to motivate teenagers to play the piano.
Listen to me play the music by clicking on the widget player below (all three of these MP3s are included below as a FREE download)
Here is what you receive with this FREE PDF download from this website::
  • The FREE PDF sheet music of this cool piece - "The Chase"
  • 3 FREE MP3s of the accompanying background minus tracks as follows: (1) The MP3 at Performance Speed with the piano where I am playing the piano part so students can hear how it sounds at performance speed, (2) The MP3 at Performance Speed without piano starting with 4 clicks - students can perform this piece with the minus track since the piano part has been removed, and (3) The MP3 at Practice Speed without piano starting with 4 clicks and continuing the tempo click throughout the entire piece, but the speed has been cut in half so students can practice at a slower speed and then work up to performance speed
  • A Studio License if you are a teacher to print off as many copies of this sheet music for FREE for the piano students in your studio who would like to play this.
  • You can watch the video for FREE of me playing this "Cool Song" and teaching the theory of the piece on my YouTube page at this link: (I'd love to have you subscribe to my YouTube page and watch my other videos - you'll be notified of my new "Cool Songs" and Theory Tip Tuesday videos I post)
This "Cool Song" comes with three minus tracks. You can download all of the minus tracks below for FREE

Here are the instructions to download the MP3s. Right click on the image below where it says "CLICK HERE to Download".  A box will open up. Click on the line that says "Download Linked File" or "Download Linked File As..." and then you can save the MP3 to your computer. It is the same with all of the MP3s listed below.

Here is a picture of how it should look:

Just a note for the "minus" tracks with no piano (performance and practice speeds):
There are four clicks and then you begin playing. The practice speed has a steady click all the way throughout the piece. Have fun with this!

Click on the image below to download the MP3 minus track at Performance Speed with the Piano (I'm playing the piano) (120 BPM)
Download the FREE MP3 of Scaler Skillz by Jerald Simon (performance speed - with the Piano)
Click on the image below to download the MP3 minus track at Performance Speed - No Piano - then you can perform this cool song at your piano recital, a concert, school talent show, or for family and friends. (120 BPM)
Download the FREE MP3 of Scaler Skillz by Jerald Simon (performance speed - no piano)
Click on the image below to download the MP3 minus track at Practice Speed (this is perfect to practice this "Cool Song" at a slower tempo before playing it at performance speed) (about 60 BPM)
Download the FREE MP3 of Scaler Skillz by Jerald Simon (practice speed - no piano)
Every month I come out with 2 new "Cool Songs" for piano students and piano teachers. All of the "Cool Songs" will be combined into different books according to skill level. If you know of anyone who would enjoy this or benefit from this (piano teachers, piano students, parents of piano students, etc.), please share this with them. You can learn more about my annual subscription by visiting this link:  Have FUN with this one! - Jerald Simon
Have a beautiful day!
Smile all the while and BE HAPPY!
Keep up the great work everyone! Thank you for continuing to inspire me.
Jerald (your Music Mentor)
Music Mentor Jerald Simon - visit
First and foremost, Jerald is a husband to his beautiful wife, Zanny, and a father to his wonderful children. Jerald Simon is the founder and president of Music Motivation®. He is a composer, author, poet, and Music Mentor/piano teacher (primarily focusing his piano teaching on music theory, improvisation, composition, and arranging). Jerald loves music, teaching, speaking, performing, playing sports, exercising, reading, writing poetry and self help books, gardening, and spending time with his wife, Zanny, and their children. Jerald created as a resource for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. In 2014 he began creating his monthly "Cool Songs" to help teach music theory - the FUN way by putting FUN back into theory FUNdamentals. He is the author/poet of "The As If Principle" (motivational poetry), and the book "Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers.” He is also the author of 21 music books from the Music Motivation® Series. He has also recorded and produced several albums and singles of original music.
Check out my piano music books (e.g. Cool Songs for Cool Kids, Cool Songs that ROCK! and many more titles) at this link: You can download all of my books as sample PDF books by clicking on the covers of each book.
Here are some helpful resources available on my website you might enjoy as well that I created to help piano teachers and piano students have access to free music, handouts, exercises, etc.

Download FREE Music from my Website
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Download all of my books as FREE Sample PDF books to play 1 - 2 pages from each piece
Goal Setting 101
Learn All Key Signatures

You may also enjoy my Motivation in a Minute blog posts and also my Theory Tip Tuesday blog posts.

Have a wonderful week and make music your own. Share your musical message with the world!

Thanks again!




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