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Platinum by Jerald Simon

Platinum by Jerald Simon - 17 Cool Songs for the piano (published by Music Motivation - visit
Click on the Cover above to download the "sample book"

Marketing Post Card Preview...

Later this summer and throughout the fall, I will be mailing out, to begin with, 5,000 postcards across the country to piano teachers and piano students. I would love your thoughts and feedback about the postcards. The first 5,000 are being printed and sent out, but I would love to have you review the postcards below and let me know what you think. These images do include extra spacing for the bleed area (for cropping/cutting the image). There isn't enough room for testimonials on the postcard (at least the 4x6 standard size), but I will have other fliers, brochures, and even a catalog coming out soon as well. If you know if anyone who may benefit from receiving this post card, let me know. You can share this link with them and send them a e-post card if you'd prefer.
If you know a piano teacher or a piano student (or parent of a piano student) who would benefit from this, please share it with them. I will be coming out with a PDF catalog soon that anyone will be able to download. It will feature the cover images of all of my books, CDs, and at least an image of the sheet music for all of the individual piano solos from my books and cool songs annual subscription (over 200 cool songs). Let me know if you would like to be emailed the PDF catalog or notified when I release it. 
Front of Postcard
Motivate piano students with Cool Music - Jerald Simon -
Back of Postcard
Motivate piano students with Cool Music - Jerald Simon -

30% off Sale on Jerald's books and CDs

Cool Songs for Cool Kids (first edition covers) by Jerald Simon
I am having a 30% off discount on all of my books and CDs until the end of July, 2015.
Enter the promotional code "coolsongs" and receive a 30% discount off all of my music books and CDs. This promotional code will continue until the end of July, 2015. Also, if anyone is interested, I have about 150 of the "Cool Songs for Cool Kids" (Primer Level, and Books 2 and 3 - and about 20 of book 1) with the old covers (first edition - see the image above) that we have already marked 20% off to quickly sell these books. The music is the same, but the covers are the old covers. If you don't mind having the old covers, and if you combine the 20% off discounted price with the 30% off coupon, the books are 50% off. Since I only have about 150 of each of these, once we have sold out of them, the discount will be removed and the books will go back to the regular price. If you need more copies of the books or if you have wanted to play through them, now is the time to purchase them.

Here are the links where you can buy the books: 

This is an image of what the new covers look like (when you purchase the PDF download of the books, you already have these covers, but the spiral bound books will not have these new covers until we have finished selling out of our remaining inventory of the first edition printed covers):
Cool Songs for Cool Kids Series by Jerald Simon

Jazzed about 4th of July by Jerald Simon

Jazzed about 4th of July by Jerald Simon
(Click on the cover image above to download the sample book - the book is available in spiral bound and PDF formats as well)
Listen to the music below:

Party by Jerald Simon

Watch the video of me playing "Party" (simply click on the video above)


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