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"My purpose and mission in life is to motivate myself and others through my music and writing, to help others find their purpose and mission in life, and to teach values that encourage everyone everywhere to do and be their best." - Jerald Simon 


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First and foremost, Jerald is a husband to his beautiful wife, Zanny, and a father to his wonderful children. Jerald Simon is the founder and president of Music Motivation® ( He is a composer, author, poet, and Music Mentor™/piano teacher (primarily focusing his piano teaching on music theory, improvisation, composition, and arranging). Jerald loves music, teaching, speaking, performing, playing sports, exercising, reading, writing poetry and self help books, and spending time with his wife, Zanny, and their children.   
Jerald created as a resource for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. He is the author/poet of "The As If Principle" (222 motivational poems), and the book "Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers.” He is also the author of 20 music books from the Music Motivation® Series™ (over 200 original piano solos between the books) including the popular series: Cool Songs for Cool Kids™ (pre-primer, primer level, and volumes 1, 2, and 3) and Cool Songs that Rock™ (books 1 and 2) which all feature original piano music Jerald has composed primarily with teenage boys in mind. He has also recorded and produced several albums and singles of original music as well as hymn arrangements. In 2014, Jerald started a "Cool Songs" annual subscription on his website where he produces and releases one new "Cool Song" for the piano every week with minus tracks (accompaniment parts), the PDF download, MP3 downloads, and a video tutorial where he teaches the "Cool Song" and music theory the fun way.
Jerald also presents to various music schools, groups, and associations throughout the country doing workshops, music camps, master classes, concerts and firesides to inspire and motivate teens, adults, music students and teachers. He enjoys teaching piano students about music theory, improvisation, and composition. He refers to himself as a Music Mentor™ and encourages music students to get motivated by music and to motivate others through music of their own. CLICK HERE for a message from Jerald Simon to piano students (something all piano teachers, parents of piano students, and piano students should read)!
Composer, Author, Poet, Music Mentor™, Piano Teacher (primarily focusing his teaching on music theory, improvisation, composition, arranging, and pop, new age, and jazz music), Motivational Speaker, and life coach. Learn more about Jerald's company, Music Motivation®, by clicking on the Music Motivation® logo below.
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Music Motivation books written by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation -      Piano Lessons  and Workshops, Seminars, and Performances with Jerald Simon - produced by Music Motivation -