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Music Teachers must teach with enthusiasm by Jerald Simon - Music Motivation (
Educate with enthusiasm, inspire, motivate, be an example!
We need music teachers who are committed to what they do, who love to teach, and know they can give of themselves, share their talents, knowledge, and perspective on life with those they teach. I encourage teachers to think of themselves as Music Mentors because you mentor your students, the parents of the students you teach and other teachers in the community. You are an example and can and will make a difference in their lives. We would love to add you as a teacher to our Music Mentor list - a list we have compiled of teachers across the country who use the books from the Music Motivation® Series™ in their studios and with their piano students. 
Many piano students and parents of piano students contact me and ask if there are any teachers in their local area who use my piano books. My books are NOT method books; simply fun, cool piano music that teaches music theory, improvisation, and composition ideas through the music in a fun way. The Music Motivation® books start with absolute beginners and continue on to advanced students. We are starting to post all of the teachers' contact info on our various pages (according to state) to better help you find a "Music Mentor" in your area. If you are a teacher or if you know of a teacher who would like to use our music books with your/their piano students, and would like your/their information included on our website, please contact us. We will soon have an online form you can fill out with your name, studio contact info, website, facebook page, etc. to better help piano students connect with you. Thank you.