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My name is Jerald Simon and I help teen and adult piano students learn to play piano the FUN way by teaching music theory, improvisation, and composition. I refer to these as Theory Therapy™, Innovative Improvisation™, and Creative Composition™. Within these three areas of musicianship, we focus on mastering Piano FUNdamentals (emphasis on the word FUN). My company is called Music Motivation® and we create COOL SONGS, Essential Piano Exercises, Piano FUNdamentals, video courses, weekly online group piano lessons, workshops, seminars, music books, albums, and so much more!

My goal is to help you learn how to play any style of music you want on the piano in any key – with or without music. I want students to learn and know how to read any piano music placed in front of them and play it as it is written. But I also teach you how to take any music and play it at least 100 different ways in any key and any genre or style you want from classical to new age, jazz, blues, rock, pop, ballads, country, etc.. I encourage students to take the music theory we learn in our weekly online group piano lessons and learn how to improvise, arrange, and compose music of their own. I help piano students discover their composer within.

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“Jerald Simon is a brilliant musician, teacher, and performer, with a fascinating story to tell. If you’re interested in learning how to improvise or compose music, be sure to check out his books.”

Owner, Music Teacher’s Helper, LLC

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“Jerald’s unique motivation techniques make learning the piano seem less like a chore, and more like an adventure. Jerald’s motivational poetry, writing and music education books are a true expression of Jerald’s winning personality and innovation. He is a Utah treasure.”

Music critic, arts reporter, Salt Lake Tribune

Paul Cardall headshot - Testimonial of Jerald Simon (Music Motivation)

Jerald Simon’s music motivation program is brilliant and should inspire and encourage any piano student to stick with it. Jerald is a wonderful human being who has inspired not only me to be a better pianist, but hundreds of other people.

Music Producer, Film Composer, Recording Artist

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