All Major Octave Chords – Blocked and Broken (includes a FREE PDF)

In today’s PIANO FUNdamental exercise, I am going to share…

All Major Octave Chords – Blocked and Broken (includes a FREE PDF)

Watch this video where I teach you what to do and how to do it (and then download the FREE PDF exercise below). (You can watch other weekly video piano lessons, tutorials, music videos, and motivational messages by subscribing to my YouTube channel:


Click on this image below to download the FREE PDF song that goes along with this video. Please feel free to print this out, copy this, and share it with your piano students (if you are a piano teacher), or with family and friends who may be excited and interested in learning How to Play All Major Octave Chords – Blocked and Broken. This PDF is free and I encourage everyone to learn how to play this walking bass jazz song, perfect it and master it, and then perform it and share it with others!

All Major Octave Chords (moving up in half steps) by Jerald Simon - FREE PDF from Music Motivation (

Please feel free to share this post with any other piano teachers, piano students, or parents of a piano students that might enjoy this free resource!

Have fun with this!


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