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I began composing COOL SONGS to help motivate piano students, especially during their teenage years. I found that many teenage piano students wanted to play the music they loved, but they may not have been ready to play it. We would simplify the music they wanted to learn, but they still wanted to play something at their level that sounded similar to the music they loved and wanted to learn.

So I began composing music for them. These became known as COOL SONGS. The piano students would tell me they thought the music sounded COOL and wanted to learn these new original piano solos I had composed specifically for them.

You can learn more about my COOL SONGS Series by visiting this link or clicking on the image below: https://musicmotivation.com/coolsongs/

Click on the image above and you can learn more about the COOL SONGS Series and the fun COOL piano music I compose for piano students. These were composed especially for teenage piano students between the ages of 9 and 21. Adult piano students love playing these as well. I’d love to have you learn more about these COOL SONGS. The COOL SONGS Series includes over 163 COOL SONGS I have composed complete with accompaniment MP3 minus tracks so the students can play along with drums, guitars, keyboard synths, strings, and more fun sound effects! If there is a particular COOL SONG you would like me to compose, please let me know and I will compose one specifically for you.

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