The Essential Piano Exercises Course gives you the video lessons for each of the books in the Essential Piano Exercises series plus you will be able to attend a live monthly group piano lesson Jerald teaches on the first Friday of every month in a private Facebook group that is only for members of the Essential Piano Exercises Course. You will have lifetime access to these videos (past, present, and future). By joining this course, you also receive all of Jerald’s books as PDF downloads. Everyone who purchases this course will also have access to 10 additional PDF books in the series that have yet to be created (plus the video lessons for those books).

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In this course, you will learn music theory, all scales and chords in all keys and how to use them, how to play from a Fake Book, how to improvise and arrange piano music, how to compose music of your own, and even how to play the same song 100 different ways.

I encourage students to practice and learn how to play every song or exercise in every key signature and I personally show you how simple it is to start playing any song in any key signature.

Once you can play the music as it is, I teach you how to arrange any song any way you want and play it in any key signature. After learning how to arrange music, I teach you how to start composing music of your own. Learn music theory, improvisation, and composition on the piano – the FUN way.
I often refer to it as piano FUNdamentals (emphasis on the word FUN). It is the practical application of music theory. I will show you how to apply the music theory you learn to create music of your own by improvising, arranging, and composing music in any style you want.


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