Cool Songs for Cool Kids PLATINUM PIANO Teacher Package


This is the BEST package by far for piano teachers! Every piano teacher who purchases this Platinum Package will receive the Cool Songs for Cool Kids series (4 PDF books – 73 Cool Songs), plus the Essential Piano Exercises PDF book (172 pages). They also receive 19 of Jerald’s books as PDF downloads (Jerald has more books available for purchase that are not part of this Cool Songs Package that can be purchased separately). Piano teachers are licensed to print off the music for the students in their studio. This license for these books never expires for the piano teacher’s studio. They also have access to an additional 86 Cool Songs that are not in these books but will soon be combined in other books.

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Here is what you receive with this package:
Here is what you receive with this package (purchased separately, this would total $959):

Cool Songs Beginning Level Package (17 Cool Songs)
Cool Songs Early Intermediate Level Package (16 Cool Songs)
Cool Songs Intermediate Level Package (50 Cool Songs)

Each piece has up to three MP3s (some are piano solos only, but most have accompaniment background minus tracks) – Here are the three MP3s you will find with the COOL SONGS:

(1) The Cool Song at performance speed with Jerald playing the piece so students can hear how it should sound
(2) The Cool Song at performance speed without the piano so students can perform the piece, and
(3) The Cool Song at practice speed where the music has been cut in half of the original speed.

  • 19 of Jerald’s PDF books featuring 203 Cool Songs composed by Jerald – you can click on the title of each book below to see sample pages from the book (each studio license PDF book download is $59.95 per studio license if you were to purchase each studio license individually ($1,139.05 if you purchased all 19 studio license books) – not including the additional 86+ Cool Songs that are not yet in any of these current books), so this piano teacher package is the ABSOLUTE BEST package for piano teachers to purchase and receive lifetime studio licenses of these 19 books listed below (this license does not apply to future books that are published – only the ones shown below):
  1. Cool Songs for Cool Kids Primer Level (studio license)
  2. Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 1 (studio license)
  3. Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 2 (studio license)
  4. Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 3 (studio license)
  5. Essential Piano Exercises (studio license)
  6. Cool Songs that ROCK! (book 1) (studio license)
  7. The Dawn of a New Age (studio license)
  8. Sweet Melancholy (studio license)
  9. Ghosts and Goblins and Freaks and Ghouls (studio license)
  10. Platinum (studio license)
  11. Triumphant (studio license)
  12. Hymns of Exaltation (studio license)
  13. Sea Fever (studio license)
  14. Jazzed about Jazz (studio license)
  15. Jazzed about Christmas (studio license)
  16. Jazzed about 4th of July (studio license)
  17. Variations on Mary Had a Little Lamb (studio license)
  18. An Introduction to Scales and Modes (studio license)
  19. The Music Motivation Goal Book (studio license)

Piano teachers are licensed to print off the music for the students in their studio. This license never expires for the piano teacher’s studio.

This package pays for itself!

Most teachers charge their students an annual Music Printing fee of $2.99 – $20.00 per year to cover the costs of printing the music out. I have some teachers who charge their students per book that is printed off. This is a great way to pay for the platinum piano teacher package and even earn more income. Several teachers have already paid off their purchase of this package and continue to make a little extra by having the students pay for the printing of the PDF book or sheet music. Parents enjoy not having to spend so much on buying the printed books or paying $2 – $8 for one song (the typical download price for sheet music today). It is a nice win-win situation for the piano student, parents, and the piano teacher.

The best way to purchase the teacher studio license is to purchase it from this link (a sister site to my site): This link will take you to a page where you can download a FREE PDF book I titled: “20 Ways to Motivate Teen Piano Students to Want to Play the Piano – the FUN Way!”. You can simply enter your email address and you will then receive the FREE PDF download. The page will automatically refresh and you will be given the option to purchase the “COOL SONGS Bundle” for $49.95, but on the check out page where you enter your credit card information it has a special add-on to add all of the studio licenses for an additional $220.95. In total, the price is $270.95 (which is a discounted price from what I even have on my website and is a huge savings).

Please feel free to share this email with other family members who may also enjoy playing my COOL SONGS. If you know other piano teachers, piano students, or parents of piano students who would enjoy playing my music, please share this link with them:

Watch all of the additional 86 Cool Songs Jerald has come out with so far by clicking on the videos below! Subscribe to Jerald’s YouTube channel to watch fun weekly piano tutorials to learn music theory the FUN way. You will learn about music theory (Theory Therapy), improvisation (Innovative Improvisation), and composing (Creative Composition).


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