Dreamland (FREE Music)


Dreamland is one of the new age contemporary classical piano solos from the book Sweet Melancholy which contains 11 original new age and contemporary classical piano solos composed by Jerald Simon. This piece is a late intermediate – advanced piece in the key of F Sharp Major (4/4 time signature). Have FUN playing this! Go on…Have FUN with this!



Dreamland is  from the book: Sweet Melancholy – a book of intermediate – advanced level original new age and contemporary classical piano solos composed by Jerald Simon. Each of these compositions were composed for the intermediate – advanced piano students.

These are the titles of the 11 piano pieces:

1. Sweet Melancholy
2. Shadows
3. Majestic
4. Sun Shower
5. Promised Land
6. Blessing
7. Through a Child’s Eyes
8. Life Everlasting
9. New Heights
10. Dreamland
11. Enchantment

Click on the cover image below to visit the page for the book where you can download the sample book, listen to audio samples, and watch video tutorials of the pieces played by Jerald.

Watch Sweet Melancholy, one of the piano solos from the book titled: SWEET MELANCHOLY


When you purchase the COOL SONGS Package as a piano teacher, you are then licensed to print off the music for the students in your studio. This license never expires for the piano teacher’s studio. They also have access to previous Cool Songs that are not yet in any of my other books.

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Late Intermediate – Advanced

Key Signature/Time Signature

F Sharp Major – 4/4 time signature


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