How to Play a Pentascale and Octave Intervals by Jerald Simon – Studio License


By purchasing this COOL Exercise, piano teachers are also licensed to print off this piece for the piano students in their studio. This is a Studio License. Please feel free to make as many copies of this piece for the piano students in your piano studio. If you know other piano teachers who would like to purchase this COOL Exercise, please share the link to this page with them.

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This COOL EXERCISE was created for the members of the COOL SONGS Club ( Every month Jerald Simon creates 1 – 2 new COOL SONGS and 3 – 4 new COOL EXERCISES for the members of the COOL SONGS Club.

In this COOL EXERCISE, students can play various pentascales with the right hand (moving up diatonically according to the C Major Scale), while the left hand plays a broken 8th or octave interval. All notes are played as eighth notes and move up and down according to the C Major Scale.

Students can play along with the MP3 minus tracks that are available in three different formats: 1. Performance Speed with the Piano, 2. Performance Speed without the Piano, and 3. Practice Speed.

If you are a piano teacher and would like to join the COOL SONGS Club ($6.95 per month), you can have access to previous COOL SONGS and COOL EXERCISES as well as the new ones created each month. All of the COOL SONGS and COOL EXERCISES are studio licenses so piano teachers can reprint them for the students in their studio. Learn more about joining the COOL SONGS Club at this link:


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