Lark by Jerald Simon – Studio License


Lark is a late beginner level COOL SONG from the COOL SONGS CLUB composed by Jerald Simon. This piece is in 3/4 time signature and the C Major key signature. This piece uses several triplets throughout the piece. Students can see if they can determine the chord progression used in this COOL SONG.



I have a COOL SONGS Club, which is a monthly subscription club for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. You can learn more about the COOL SONGS I compose by visiting this page on my website: and download a FREE 113 page PDF book I created to help motivate teens to want to play the piano the FUN way!

If you are a piano teacher and would like to join the COOL SONGS Club ($6.95 per month), you can have access to previous COOL SONGS as well. Learn more about joining the COOL SONGS Club at this link:

Purchasing the COOL SONGS Series ($49.95 for a single use license) is a pre-requisite to joining the COOL SONGS Club.


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