Poetry that Motivates by Jerald Simon


Poetry is wonderful. It is inspirational and motivational – at least it should be. Every poem from this book was penned to hopefully inspire or motivate those who may need a poetic pick-me-up to help them on their way.

Poetry that Motivates features 153 original motivational poems written by Jerald Simon. The various themes of the poems from this book include: hope, happiness, belief, faith, strength, optimism, positivity, nobility, might, experience, improvement, preparedness, perspective, nobility, capability, responsibility, potential, self- improvement, selflessness, restraint, perseverance, humility, courage, virtue, faith, leadership, mentorship, integrity, patience, truth, honesty, creativity, success, accomplishment, overcoming, dreaming, achieving, and so much more.
It is my hope that these motivational poems may encourage someone who needs encouragement. I hope these poems may instill hope to those who feel hopeless, increase faith in those individuals who are faithless, strengthen the weak, and give everyone a greater outlook and perspective on life. We see what we want to see. We believe what we want to believe. As a natural outcome of these beliefs, we experience what we have told ourselves we would experience, and that can limit us if our understanding and thinking is in any way restricting or belittling. The more positive we can be in speaking to ourselves and others, the more positive our overall experiences in life will be. We can make the most of any situation – good or bad. It is my hope that we will look for the good and find it! – Jerald Simon
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Here is a poem from the book:

Befriend the Failure you Fear

by Jerald Simon

Do not fear failure.
Befriend the failure you fear.
   Failure can become a dear friend if you let it.
    But most fear failure, and eventually regret it.
Failure is not a folly fool,
to be avoided, and dreaded, and cursed.
    It is a gift we have been given so we might improve
   the performance we’ve daily rehearsed.
Each step backwards is a friendly failure,
    not a foe to be beaten and bruised.
For with each failure we learn something new,
    though most feel discarded and used.
Do not let failure frighten you,
    face it with faith and might.
Encourage it, and learn from it,
    for each failure can bring you new light.

Copyright © 2020 by Jerald Simon – All Rights Reserved


Here is another poem from the book:

Feast Upon the Words “I Can”

by Jerald Simon

Be weary of the words “I won’t,
”Be cautious of the words “I can’t,”
   Carefully choose the words you use,
    the dos you do and the don’ts you don’t.
Think about what you tell yourself –
    what you harbor as fear, guilt, or remorse.
For the words you tell your heart are real
   and can alter, at once, your entire life’s course.
The words “I can’t” and the words “I won’t”
instill in one’s self a firm belief.
They dictate what you do
and they become who you’ll be.
“I can’t,” and “I won’t,”
is what despair wants you to believe.
Focus on the words “I will.”
Feast upon the words “I can.”
    Believe in yourself and then create your plan.
Now follow it through
    and become a noble man.

Copyright © 2020 by Jerald Simon – All Rights Reserved

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