The As If Principle by Jerald Simon


The “As If” Principle (motivational poetry) by Jerald Simon features 222 original motivational poems written by Simon to inspire and motivate men, women, businesses, organizations, leaders, mentors, advisers, teachers, and students.  The poems were written to teach values and encourage everyone everywhere to do and be their best.

The poems were written over a 20 year period and contain motivational advice about never giving up.  It’s about doing what it takes, believing in yourself and your own abilities and believing in others.  The poems focus on such topics as:

Honor, courage, success, strength, will power, leadership, possibilities, confidence, goal setting, optimism,  rising above mediocrity, character, never doubting ourselves, being productive, learning from adversity, doing what it takes, being happy, seeing the good in others, forgiving, seeing our own potential and the potential in others, learning life’s lessons, righting wrongs, becoming a self starter, learning to control our thoughts, words, and deeds, and many more.

You can also purchase this paperback book on Amazon and also from Barnes and Noble. The audio book, where you can listen to me reading the entire book, is also available on iTunesAmazon, and all online music stores.

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Here is the first poem from the book:

“The ‘As If’ Principle”:

Act as If…
by Jerald Simon

(from the book: The “As If” Principle)
Act as if you are confident – even if you are not.
Confidence, you will find, is a state of mind,
the fulfillment of attitude evolving with time.

True confidence is a trait of character,
not a boastful or prideful talk.
Always act with sincere humility,
then with true confidence you will walk.

Act as if you are affluent,
even when you’re the beggar in need.
Wealth you will find, will often leave you behind,
if it’s attainment will make you unkind.

True wealth is not measured with money,
but with love, and knowledge and health.
Act as if you’re least of all men,
and then you shall find true wealth.

Act as if you are noble,
even if your nobility’s numb.
Act as if you are a servant,
even if your own kingdom has come.

When you act “as if”
you are foretelling your fate,
your future is already known.
Act as if it is possible,
and the seeds of fulfillment are sown.
Copyright © 2012 by Jerald Simon – All Rights Reserved


Here is another poem from the book:

Where Are the Men?

by Jerald Simon

(from the book: The “As If” Principle)
Where are the men who valiantly fought,
for freedom and virtue and truth?
Where are the men who are honest at heart,
who are pure as the innocent youth?
Where are the men who openly weep
with women when they mourn?
Where are the men who are strong as an ox,
and gentle as a newborn?

Where are the men of character,
stalwart, faithful, and true?
Where are the men who love their wives
and never their vows would undo?
Where are the men of substance,
of honor, and pride, and self worth?
Where are the men with courage,
to stand up and challenge the earth?

Where are the men with manners,
with morals, and values, and heart?
Where are the men unafraid to be men
who are willing to do their part?
Where are the men who are manly men,
gentle, noble, and true?
Where are the men who know
what it means to be men?

Are there really so few
who know what real men do?

Let us be men, courageous men
unafraid to do our part.
Let us be stalwart, faithful, and true,
with morals, and values, and heart.

Let us be men with standards,
convictions, faith, and love.
Let us be good men and great men,
with assistance from above.
Copyright © 2012 by Jerald Simon – All Rights Reserved

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