Castles in the Sky by Jerald Simon


I hope you enjoy “Castles in the Sky.” I am excited to have you play these peaceful piano solos.

The piano music is perfect for piano teachers, piano students, and anyone who wants to play gentle, peaceful, and relaxing piano music. You can listen to the album for “Castles in the Sky” on any streaming site including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart radio, YouTube, and all other streaming sites and music stores.

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“Castles in the Sky” is an instrumental relaxation album by composer Jerald Simon that he specifically composed to reduce stress and anxiety while calming and comforting listeners. This soothing instrumental music helps bring feelings of peace and positivity. 

Simon especially composed the music on this album to help aid patients in hospitals, soothe individuals with anxiety or stress, and benefit individuals needing more peace and positivity in their life. This album can be used effectively with the health and wellness industry, holistic health practitioners, reiki masters, foot zoners, and during meditation/relaxation sessions. It can be used in spas, yoga studios, and massage therapy clinics, and is intended for anyone who enjoys calming relaxation/meditation music. 

Here is what Simon has said about the relaxing new age and meditation music from this book and album, 

“The purpose of this album is to promote peace and positivity in an increasingly turbulent world. I believe we need to be sharing more peace and positivity with others each day – through music, poetry, and positive motivational messages. I think we all can try to focus on being more positive and optimistic and less negative and pessimistic and music contributes to our overall sense of well-being. We can all try to see the good in others, instead of finding the bad around us. We can all strive to be a positive influence in the lives of others and share light, love, and good music each day.”


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