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Essential Piano Exercises – PDF download (single use license)


Jerald presents the exercises in book format and also includes video format with a side and top view to demonstrate the hand position, fingering, and technique needed to play the scales and chords correctly – in all keys and in all inversions. He also explains what to do with the knowledge they have acquired and how to take their piano playing to the next level. Learning the theory is good – knowing what to do with the theory is the practical application where Jerald demonstrates how to use music theory to arrange, improvise, compose, and create music of your own. The students are not solely taught the theory, which is important, but more important than simply learning the theory is the practical application of why we are learning these scales and chords and what we can do with them once we have learned them. It is the hands on approach to teaching music theory. In addition, Jerald explains the theory in practical and simple terms so that everyone can easily understand and know music theory for what it can do to help them in three primary ways:

(1) sight read the piano music better and faster as a result of knowing the scales and chords,
(2) take their music playing and music creating to the next level so they can improvise, arrange, and compose music of their own, and
(3) ultimately feel comfortable and excited to learn music theory – the FUN WAY!

This is a single use license.


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Music Theory resource book. Early Intermediate to Advanced level.

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289 pages

89 reviews for Essential Piano Exercises – PDF download (single use license)

  1. pianoplacenotes

    I am really excited about this book! It is written in a very logical and straightforward format, and it includes a wealth of music theory, along with piano technique, presented in a natural, seamless way. I love the order that the information is presented. The circle of fifths and key signatures are presented early on, building the foundation for transposing the musical exercises which follow. The exercises themselves are going to be AWESOME for my piano students to master. They work your hands in ways that they haven’t had to work before! In my opinion, this will make my students better musicians, because their brain-to-finger dexterity will be well-conditioned! This book would work well either in conjunction with a standard teaching method, or it could easily stand alone as a supplement for a student who would like to thoroughly cover both technique and music theory. A fresh, updated approach—bravo!

  2. selkemusiclessons

    Tons of exercises to choose from and lots of good theory. Good for teen students

  3. pianolessonsg

    A great book for a piano lesson. It is easy to follow and is suitable for all students to enhance their technique, or building their fingers independence and strength.

  4. ema.potevska

    A great book for a piano students that incorporates music theory with a fun piano exercises. It is a great way to start building foundation in music theory and to enhance students piano technique.

  5. lingoi93

    I would rate this book as five stars. Every topics arrange very well and simpler ways which makes people understand the theory of music better. I would recommend this book to music teachers and students.

  6. christineedwardsmusic.com

    This is such a brilliant resource – so many useful exercises all in one place in an easy-to-read, well-presented format.

  7. elodie.short

    Amazing resource for students (perfect to develop their technique) as well as teachers. Very clear presentation. A must-have book!

  8. scbpiano

    This is a great book for practicing technique for intermediate, as well as professional pianist. It’s important to work on foundations and this book covers everything!

  9. mcc

    Those that have experienced Jerald’s work will know the thoroughness, depth, clarity and effort that goes into everything he produces. This includes his live demonstrations, his videos and his multitude of books. His latest book – “Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know” is, not unexpectedly, written and offered with the same vision and care. It is 290 pages filled almost completely with easy-to-comprehend theory, practical exercises and fun.

    Starting with a map, or journey, for the aspiring pianist, it moves on to checklists and the understanding of core concepts such as the circle of fifths, key signatures etc. From there Jerald quickly introduces us to such ideas as cool exercises, intervals, blocked intervals, three note chords, important fingering, pentascales and triads. I could go on, but would risk this review being dry and boring, which the book certainly is not. Jerald covers much more than stated here and opens up the keyboard in such depth and detail.

    But, nobody should be concerned or intimidated by the theory that is covered. Jerald uses theory only to build the foundation for developing a love for playing the instrument. This is evidenced by putting theory from previous exercises into fun practice by using relatively simple compositions. From there, Jerald explains how to start composing your own tunes using the skills and techniques you have learned.

    The journey ends with 12 “Cool Song” compositions that can further enhance the things that have been learned. “Cool Songs” have a reputation for being fun to play, easy to understand and targeted at the appropriate level whether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced.

    Make no mistake, this book is suitable for all levels and all ages. Beginners simply need to follow the instruction and direction Jerald supplies whereas intermediate and advanced learners will certainly gain insight and momentum from the progressively graded compositions and theoretical aspects.

    So much is covered that it is impossible to mention everything. For those experiencing it, it will serve as a living, constructive and pragmatic text that can be used daily but also as a reference work to dip into when needed. Most of all, I found it gave me an added pleasure to experience the practical applications that the theory demanded.

    On a more functional note, the book is excellently laid out. Jerald explains things in a way that is clear and concise, relevant and applicable. The musical notation is clear and flawless and is a pleasure to use.

    Most of all, “Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know” is a book that reflects the style of teaching that Jerald is known for. Making things fun, as he does, is a sure-fire way to encourage practice and progress. This is an excellent addition to the collection of any pianist.

    Mark Clayson

  10. hdmurray1012

    This is an excellent resource for both beginning students to advanced-child to adult. The extensive pentascale exercises are fantastic and I will be using them with both my adult and child beginning students. There are extensive discussions about the theory behind the scales and the real world application. Thank you for this great resource!

  11. mmmusicstudio

    This is an amazing resource for beginning to advanced and will serve both your youngest students as well as adults. Not only will the exercises build technical skills but they will build improvisational skills as well. Jerald makes everything COOL for my students!

  12. mfchiang1007

    Very comprehensive. It is written in a way even for a beginner piano player would be able to understand and practice all of the technical work. Very very useful book to have like a piano bible. Highly recommend it.

  13. jolynn.harmon

    Very thorough in introducing concepts with lots of fun exercise!!

  14. msgslashnull

    This is a very thorough book. It’s a great resource for beginners to advanced players. Just what i needed!

  15. emilyjenkinspiano

    I love how thorough this book is! The reference pages at the beginning are especially useful. I’m glad that I’ll have this to use with my students – it will be helpful when teaching concepts that some find difficult or that I have difficulty explaining in an easy to understand manner.

  16. rebecca_meisenheimer

    This is a very thorough & easy to understand book. It does not leave you nor confused. The blank pages will be helpful for memory work.

  17. hannahgeorgelessons

    Very useful piano exercises! It’s an all in one book! It’s easy to use and fun for students. Even beginning piano students can use it! Good for all ages!

  18. kate.j.thompson

    Extremely thorough and accessible

  19. solarpowerstudio

    Very thorough book for scales, chords, and keys, written like a reference book with some exercises and suggestions for practice. Usable for all levels, but compiled in a way that would require a teacher to assign pages and exercises. (Again, this is in reference book format, not a progressive method book format.) Some bonus pieces at the end of the book showing the usefulness of all this theory.

  20. katieandersonmusic

    This book is very well put together, with a good balance of information and exercises. The exercises themselves aren’t cookie-cutter, generic exercises, but rather fun and new ways to practice the basic skills (scales, chords, arpeggios, etc). I am looking forward to using this book with my late beginner students and onward, with each section building on the last. Thanks for a great resource!

  21. amymwills

    This is a wonderful collection of exercises compiled into one book! I was looking for something of this nature and this is it! Great for all ages and levels!

  22. edgar.gonsales

    This is an excellent book. It starts with basic concepts that are great to use with less experienced students while working on technique. It also deals with more intricate technique exercises in a natural and fluid way. Very happy with this book!

  23. elana_dawn

    I have never seen a more comprehensive manual for learning scales and chords! Impressive! Designed for beginner through advanced students and also a great reference for teachers. I appreciate the last part teaching how to use chords and scales in everyday music. Jerald’s Cool Songs are fun and appealing. I will be recommending this book to my students.

  24. cjcevergreen

    This book is very comprehensive, with all the exercises a pianist needs to practice. This is also a great reference book that explains the theory behind each exercise.

  25. nancyli110194

    A very useful resource for both piano teachers and piano students. This book contains a wide variety of content that is all compiled together, how convenient! I can’t wait to use it.

  26. musicsolutionsstudio

    This is a great resource for teachers and students alike. The variety of exercises will definitely encourage skill building and technique in a fun and comprehensive way.

  27. divya.kamath.90

    Really comprehensive guide to piano technique and music theory – it has every exercise and bit of information you would want to know & practice about major, minor & diminished scales. A true treasure chest of piano exercises that I pop into when a student needs to work on something specific. BUT the best part is the perfect amount of “real-world application” to keep the exercises from getting boring and giving students with a touchpoint to work towards. I can see teachers having great success with this book when sprinkling in these exercises into lessons to work on specific aspects of technique/theory.

  28. kdscoupon

    This is a very thorough volume, with all kinds of practical exercises for scales, chords, patterns, and more! I was very impressed by all the thought that went into all of this book, and would definitely recommend that teachers check it out as a studio tool for students of all levels.

  29. ethan.baldwin00

    As a teacher, I think this is a fantastic guide to help your students learn all of the different scales and chords. It is especially useful for intermediate students and adult beginner students. However, as a student myself, I would find it overwhelming if this book was placed in front of me, due to the sheer size of the book.

  30. FlickerPianoStudio

    The title doesn’t even come close to describing the wealth of information and resources in this essential book for teachers and piano students of all ages. Teachers can use it for classic technique, theory, exercises, and sight-reading. Use it as you teach a chord curriculum! Worship songs, jazz, pop, lead sheets, chord sheets, composition, exams, festival preparation…all of the current curriculum demands of a music teacher are satisfied in this book. A group piano class could certainly use this as a core book in the curriculum. A music theory class could use this book for endless possibilities! There are things in my career as a music teacher that I’ve tried to create myself out of necessity. This book encompasses so much of what I tried to do on my own and so much more at a better quality. I can’t think of anything that you missed! The cost is low and so reasonably priced that it can be accessible in many situations. I was impressed with the detail, the thorough completion of concepts, and caught off guard as to how I was inspired to do some new things with my students! An inspired teacher is a good thing! Thank you for this invaluable resource!

  31. josh.green.tx

    Jerald Simon’s “Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know” is a collection that is packed full of vitally important pianistic skills. Simon takes the pianist from beginner advanced technical skills. In addition to the typically major and minor chordal exercises found in many other technique resources, this collection adds in sus chords and 6th chords, among others—developing the pianist’s skills that can be applied to a wide variety of musical genres. Simon includes exercises that develop the student’s coordination at the keyboard, beyond just merely grasping the technical/theoretical skill itself. The end of the book contains samples of Simon’s engaging repertoire to further apply those skills presented earlier in the book. This is a valuable resource for every pianist and piano teacher!
    Joshua Green

  32. auslydia

    A great resource to have. Very well structured and easy to follow progression from beginners to advanced players.

  33. bluenote

    This new book by Jerald Simon should be used by every piano teacher and student. As a piano teacher, scales, broken chords, arpeggios in all forms are very important for any student’s education and understanding of music. When I introduce my students to the scales I teach all the patterns and structures practically first, and then theoretically. This book is a wonderful summary of all different types of scales and chords, and will allow the piano student to use it as practicing tool and reference book. It is clearly laid out, every section is detailed and well-explained and the bonus addition of the Cool Songs at the end is a nice touch. Whether you are teaching Classical or Jazz piano, this book will provide a wealth of knowledge and practice routines. Highly recommended.

  34. dipabrsmteacher

    MUSICMOTIVATION has all the information for music teaching classes, I would love one of the original copy MYSELF in my music library. I would highly recommend this book for teachers who needed all the information for their music pupils, which guides their teaching ideas step by step.

  35. sorcerert

    I think this book is very informative and concise. It is something I myself would want to add to my own library. I feel it would be a wonderful supplementary book used to teach theory, technique, transposition, chords, Jazz, improvisation. I however feel it might be best suited for students who already have a clear interest in music, or as a college music textbook.

  36. kfhankin

    This book is a great resource for students and teachers alike. As a teacher whose early piano training focused more on music than theory or technique, I found this book to be a wonderful, concise summation of the theory and exercises that any pianist should know – students and teachers alike. Highly recommend it!

  37. lowsl168

    Thank you Jerald for this compilation of piano exercises. It is a great resource for students and teachers looking to extend their theory and technique on the instrument. I also like Jerald’s mentorship map, a handy guideline for pianists to use in addition to whatever syllabi they may be following, since it incorporates many elements of music that may otherwise not be covered, for instance, in exams. Equally useful is the checklist to help keep track of what has been mastered. A fantastic resource to have and learn from!

  38. Heidi Lueck

    This book is very well-written and complete. Jerald has created great resources that I’ve used in my studio for years. Students learn their scales inside and out and understand in practical terms why key signatures are important and how they are connected to the key.

  39. jill.linton58

    As I worked through this book, I was reminded of the Mall Scene in the movie The Blues Brothers, where Jake says, “This place has got everything! Keys, pentascales, scales, chords, inversions, they’re all here in all their complexity, and written out in every key. But this is not a reference book to be put on the shelf and forgotten! It is full of exercises designed to create facility and confidence in each key, ideas for transposition and composition, checklists and charts, inspiring ‘real world applications’ and more. In my teaching, I have tinkered around the edges of much of the material in this book, but have never gone ‘all in’. Essential Piano Exercises has challenged my assumptions about what I can achieve in my lessons, and given me great ideas and tools to use with my students!

  40. calitzjp

    I loved how he did all the extended chords too! Very valuable!

  41. donnarstark

    This is an amazing exercise book that can last a student for years and years. Jerald has really outdone himself with the scope and length of this book. Definitely worth your money and definitely worth the pianists’ time!

  42. studio.stanley

    The author writes in first person with a general casual overtone, however the book is dense and geared towards adult comprehension. Simon’s intention is to enhance appreciation and understanding of varying styles of music. He offers a practical component to each concept taught encouraging the reader to apply theory to practice. There are much needed checklists to assist in keeping you on track as the book is rather thorough and one could get lost in the minutiae of exercises transposed to each key. The majority of the book focuses on the formation of scales and chords. Towards the end a series of songs explore varying styles and concepts taught throughout the thick book. Simon concludes with a multitude of his personal links for further learning. Overall, the exercises presented offer an efficient supplement to everyday learning.

  43. mgmusicschool

    A well-researched collection, covering the basics all the way up to more advanced concepts. This will last a student many years – a solid investment!

  44. lorettacnl

    The author has fluently stepped through how to develop ones’ understanding about scales and chords. He clearly explained how scales are formed, how different chords are formed and sounded like.
    The exercises on intervals, scales and chords are very useful and illustrative to relate theory and sound of the chords.
    The practical application at the end of the book further reinforce application of the theory, scales and chords that have been explained in the book during composition.
    This book is informative. Readers with a basic theory knowledge will be more beneficial from the book.

  45. hjphill

    This is an essential compendium for any pianist, combining theory (detailed in every key) as well as finger exercises. Keep it handy for quick reference and gift it to the piano teachers and students in your life. This book will serve for years and years.

  46. music-everyday.com

    This is an excellent resource that shows how every scale and chord is transposed from key to key. I found the Mentorship Map to be accurate and easy to follow. Thank you for going beyond major and minor!

  47. andrea.l.mcbride

    This is a brilliantly put together collection that is challenging and informative. The explanations of the theory in this book is very clearly presented. I have the PDF version, but plan on also purchasing the hard copy.

  48. ronbury239

    In “Essential Piano Exercises”, Jerald Simon provides the hard-working piano student proper tools to perfect the skills and craft. It is a detailed and thorough, yet concise and accessible, book which manages well the balance between ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’. It could become a good buddy for the long, and sometimes tough, hours in the practice room. Not built solely for the aspiring professional pianist, it offers you a choice of the depth of musical knowledge and practice you choose for yourself. It is an excellent basic theory reference book, varied Exercises book, and example of practical use in playing, improvising, or composing.

    Ron Grabarsky,
    M.A in Music Therapy, Musician, Piano Teacher
    Haifa, Israel.

  49. amyapalmer

    Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know is a very comprehensive guide for students and teachers alike and is organized in a very logical progression. Jerald focuses on the theory behind music and how to play it on the piano, whereas most other theory curriculums are short on application. This guide is not only written well for students to learn from, but also a great teaching tool and resource for teachers. His explanations are thorough and he has included most written notations, so students can read the concept and then see it written on the staff. He encourages transposition throughout. I see this as an especially great tool for my older beginners who need a mental challenge while their muscles are developing. The end of the book includes original compositions that can be used as theory studies, again missing from most curriculums. Very excited to start using this.

  50. meadhbhcampbellmusic

    This is an extremely comprehensive resource for piano teachers and students. Jerald has created a wide range of exercises and in his book he explains them in great detail. The variety will allow me to use this book with students of all levels, and the inclusion of some of his Cool Songs will also help to illustrate the theory in a practical way. Jerald’s book will be a useful resource for building students’ confidence with the geography of the piano. I think this book is best suited as a teaching resource, or for older students – younger students might be overwhelmed by the vast number of exercises.

  51. natalie.tolley

    This book provides a wide scope of practical exercises for beginner and intermediate students, including pentascales, full scales, chords with inversions, arpeggios, some exercises, and a few short pieces at the end. It was amazing to me, as someone who learned scales using the Circle of 5ths (and the patterns of accidentals, whole/half steps), to see all the scales fully notated in this book. The book also includes the Circle of 5ths and is very comprehensive, so it is an easy reference to pull together any kind of information for teaching students. It is a wonderful resource to have in any piano studio. I don’t know if every student needs the book, but for those who are visual learners it would be a comforting tool, and every teacher should have a copy in their studio as a foundational and comprehensive teaching resource!

  52. kittymaasemail

    Maas Music Studio – This anthology of scales, chords, broken chords, arpeggios, and exercises, presented progressively with an explanation of their importance and place in music theory, will be an excellent supplement to any teacher using an established technical regimen, and a great source for those looking for a regimen to start with. It is complete with all major and minor scales, chords and their inversions in harmonic and melodic exercises to help learn and then use in practical application. For the teacher already implementing a technique regimen, this will be a welcome addition each time a piece with a new key is added. For those seeking a regimen, this can be worked through to both teach theory and build a technique, which can then be supplemented with other standards in the repertoire of technical exercises. Packaged both in spiral and soft cover, it is a welcome addition to any teaching studio or private collection.

  53. titchojones

    I really enjoyed Jerald’s previous book, 100 left hand patterns that every piano player should know so I was very keen to get this one. It is a great supplementary book to use with any student from beginner to advanced. I particularly like the way he has set out the minor scales so you have melodic, harmonic and natural all next to each other. I also love the blocked and broken chord and cadence section and I use some of these myself as warm ups! I really like Jerald’s style of explaining and the progression in the book. Some great, engaging exercises to promote good coordination and dexterity alongside theoretical knowledge and how to apply it. A most useful book for any piano student or teacher.

  54. rkaybagwell

    Very impressive and exhaustive look at chord music theory. It is wonderful to have everything in one place, but the best part is how the chords are applied in a practical way to make fun music. It’s a great way to show students how theory is applied to actual playing.

  55. katynsem

    Simon’s book brings a whole new meaning to “practice your scales!” Standard technique exercises are accompanied with creative variations that will never become boring! I especially love the “Cool Piano Exercises”. I’m sure my students will love playing these!

  56. shelbi.herndon

    I really love how much information is here and how it is presented. The warm ups, exercises, songs, etc. are all so much fun and I think my piano students will love. Great resource to have!

  57. thispiano

    As a piano teacher of 15 years, I’d say… Well, I wish I had this book 15 years ago! I’ve encountered many exercise/theory books that were either just “boring” or made concepts in music theory much more complicated/confusing than required. This book has ALL the essentials and more, delivered in a straight forward but engaging way. I’d recommend it for any student & the studio licence for teachers who’d like to bring their students to the next level, the next level, and the next level of piano proficiency!

  58. Taryn Wood

    All the good stuff in one place! I like the visual of each scale and chord. This will be a great addition to my studio!

  59. snyderj

    This is an excellent and well organized book that provides many interesting exercises. The exercises provide a variety of concepts and incorporates theory to strengthen understanding. Students will find it challenging, yet will enjoy working on each page. I can’t wait to have them start at their next lesson!

  60. pianophyllis

    The Essential Piano Exercises by Jerald Simon is a fabulous resource for piano students of all levels. It is a resource that can be used with beginners and will be a resource that will be used as they progress. It is also a resource that can be used with more advanced students. It extensively covers the Circle of fifths with scales and chords. The “Cool Piano Exercises” will be fun for students.

  61. athasmusic4me

    This book is an excellent resource for students of all levels. The theory that comprises key signatures, circle of 5ths, circle of 4ths, scales, chords and much more is explained in detail with clear examples and exercises for each concept. i love having everything in one book and my students will appreciate his engaging approach. While you could use this resource with a younger student, I appreciate that it is also perfect for an older beginner or student at any level. For my studio, this can fill a gap in in teaching older/adult beginner theory as well as being a comprehensive resource for my more advanced students.

  62. allegropianomusic

    This looks like a great resource for a piano student to have on their piano. I really like the inclusion of jazz chords, major and minor pentascales, and diminished pentascales, in addition to all the other scales and chords. A great way for students to learn the circle of fifths thoroughly as well.

  63. 88freezekeys

    Look no further for a complete and thorough resource for technique and applicable theory. Jerald lays out every scale and chord in a format that is easy to understand by using the pattern of the Circle of 5ths and includes charts that help you see how chords and scales relate to each other. His formatting is brilliant and easy to understand! Whether the student is a beginner or advanced, this resource applies to any level. As you work through the book, you will be able to not only understand music theory, but be able to play music theory! He then shows how you can apply music theory to inspire creativity and write your own compositions. Essential Piano Exercises will help students understand why learning to play scales and chords is so vital to understanding the songs that they are learning. I am excited to use this valuable resource in my piano studio!

  64. ahmusic2001

    A fabulous resource for both the student and teacher. Very sequential and well thought out. Looking forward to using this great resource in my studio. Thank you for your excellent work and providing wonderful materials to enhance our teaching.

  65. heiman_ruby

    This book is suitable for anyone who wants to have a thorough knowledge of music theory, enhance their technique in sight reading, playing chords of different patterns, and improvise freely in different styles. The book is arranged in a systematic way with charts and tables in order to learn and practice efficiently. Most of the exercises are written in all keys, one can always go to the book and find a suitable drilling exercise when practicing their pieces.

  66. larisse

    A comprehensive resource combining technical work and music theory. Linking the two is so important! This book suits beginners but also has material that would benefit more advanced players. I think it is particularly suitable for adult students but also good for younger students with the guide of their teacher.

  67. jennsmith222

    This is such a great, comprehensive resource. Seems as though he was able to get every possible exercise, in every key, in one book. This is a resource I will be able to use many times in the future, with many students.

  68. sellermrspoh

    Super great resource for piano teachers. This is very informative and it has improved my teaching skills. MUST book to have for a piano teacher.

  69. musicoliver

    Talk about detailed! This book will carry your students into a thorough examination of each key, the relationships within each key, the tactile and aural relationships between the notes in each key – and it’s all spelled out, in every key. I get it – different keys have different fingerings, so Jerald covered all the bases by writing them out, instead of just giving us the basic pattern for C major.
    For your students who didn’t get started with this thorough system – you will still be able to go to this book and cherry pick the perfect technique(s) needed to add to your student’s technique tool box – but better still will be your beginners who will benefit from all the ways he encourages fingers to learn to work together, ears to hear what is needful, and the underlying theory behind it.

  70. booksnc

    This book is a very comprehensive resource of the essentials every pianist should know. It is a great addition for every music library. It is a valuable resource for both teachers and students.

  71. louann

    Wow! Jerald has created one of the most comprehensive resources for the piano teacher, as well as the student. I’m personally looking forward to sharpening up some of my skills with this amazing book! Thank you for your hard work, Jerald! Kudos!

  72. playpianobythesea (verified owner)

    A very thorough exercise book! Good for older students and those who need a visual when learning technical exercises rather than being taught by rote. I plan to use it with my more advanced students to promote a better understanding of key signatures and chords. I especially like the checklists.

  73. denitsa.mineva

    Excellent book for students of a big range of ages and levels! I look forward to using it with my students at spiral school of music in Berlin, Germany!

  74. ericksonpiano

    This is a very thorough resource! I like the clear formatting of this book. Pages are clean and the teaching is direct and to the point.

  75. raymondkatherine

    A very useful resource for music theory and for exercises, interesting and stimulating for the student and a convenient resource for the teacher.

  76. mmstudio

    It’s exactly what the title tells you. If you can play all the scales, triads, arpeggios, intervals and exercises in this book you would have the essentials. It is not a book to take and learn the piano on your own though, it would be overwhelming! All exercises are written out in every key. If this is what you are looking for it is a great resource for teachers and students. The final pages on how to use all the knowledge is great but again most people would need a teacher to help. An impressive body of work.

  77. lauraevansmusic.com

    Amazing resource! Well thought out with teaching then worksheets for students to enter their information in to practice. Love how it develops and the check sheets so students can keep track of their progress and covers all foundational aspects of music theory well. Will definitely be using for my piano students thanks so much!

  78. rachelrennels

    Jerald’s book gives a thorough explanation of key signatures and theory in a detailed, yet accessible format. It would be very helpful for any student to see and understand the relationships between keys, scales, chords, etc. and gives practical ways to use and apply those concepts to their playing. I am excited to try it out with my students!

  79. pianowithjean

    A very thorough, organized approach to learning major and minor keys, which includes exercises on the piano that reinforce the theory. Definitely a great resource for any student.

  80. tiffani

    I am so excited to use this book with my students! It’s wonderful to have music theory, scales, chords and exercises all in one well organized book.

  81. lisahaynes777

    Awesome book with so much in it!! Covers scales and chords and the cool songs with tracks look inviting to students!

  82. kelseylorene26

    Lots of great exercises! This book is very organized and detailed. Great book!

  83. jill

    Well-presented and thorough resource for piano teachers and older students alike. I especially liked the exercises that familiarise the pianist with all the intervals, as well as the practical application of the exercises at the end and how they relate to composing. The checklists are great too.

  84. lynnsee

    This is an excellent resource especially for returning-to-piano adults or teens, with its inclusion of extensive review of theory and notation concepts as well as the exercises. The exercises are not simply drawn from standard sources but include forays into pop styles as well which may prove attractive for many students.

  85. sakraus2

    I like how thorough this resource is and see the value in having it. It would have been nice having a book like this in high school or college as I prepared for my musical career. However, my preference would be to have a book of all the scale/chord work and a separate book of exercises purchased as a set to more freely move between the two ideas. But you can’t please everyone so this works (also having a hard copy may prove easier than using my glitchy old IPad)! I don’t think I would use it with younger students as the sheer volume would be a bit overwhelming and daunting. Overall, well done though!! You can tell Jerald Simon is passionate about his work and helping other musicians grow!

  86. bekahshenry

    This book is awesome! Super comprehensive exercises including lots of pentascale patterns for my beginner students! Includes influences from popular styles including extended and sus chords plus bonus exercises in the back. Definitely going to be a book I pull out often.

  87. williamson_tx

    Excellent resource that should be on every pianist’s shelf. Very well organized.

  88. michellestampinup

    This book is filled with amazing exercises and songs. I like it because any of my students can benefit from it.

  89. jeankhpark

    This book is GREAT! I was really impressed with the number of variations of scale exercises, many I had never seen before. I will be suggesting this for my piano students to purchase.

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