Platinum – PDF download – includes MP3 minus tracks (single use license)


I composed all 17 of these cool songs as part of my Cool Songs Annual SubscriptionCLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Sample PDF copy to preview the book before you buy it.

These are the titles of each piano piece from the book. Every single piece comes with three MP3s (all included in your download of the PDF book or Spiral Bound book from this website).

1. Super Sonic Boom
2. New Wave
3. New Heights
4. Hybrid Hero
5. Synthesis
6. Sonic
7. Starlight Serenade
8. Sonic Fusion
9. Power Play
10. Eclectic
11. Hard Core
12. Platinum
13. Road Trip
14. Flashback Friday
15. Takin’ it Easy
16. Devotion
17. Staycation

This is a single use license.



Additional information


Early intermediate level.

Page Count

50 pages

Includes Minus Tracks

Each piece has three MP3s: (1) the "Cool Song" at performance speed with Jerald playing the piece so students can hear how it should sound, (2) the "Cool Song" at performance speed without the piano so students can perform the piece, and (3) the "Cool Song" at practice speed where the music has been cut in half of the original speed.


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