Variations on Mary Had a Little Lamb – PDF Download (single use license)


In the book are nine arrangements by Jerald Simon of the song Mary Had a Little Lamb. Each one teaches different music styles and how to apply them to other songs. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Sample PDF copy to preview the book before you buy it.

The arrangements are:

1. The original Mary Had a Little Lamb
2. Mary Took Her Lamb to a Swingin’ Jazz Club
3. Mary’s Lamb Had the Blues
4. Mary Took Her Lamb to a 50’s Rock Concert
5. Mary and Her Lamb Live With Indians
6. Mary’s Lamb Starred in a Western
7. Mary and Her Lamb Dance the Waltz
8. Mary’s Lamb Meets Mozart
9. Mary Took Her Lamb to a Funeral

This is a single use license.




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Beginner – Early Intermediate (various styles and skill levels)

Page Count

66 pages


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