Keys on the Horizon by Jerald Simon

This photograph is titled “Keys on the Horizon” and is a combination of two photos that have been merged together.

You can purchase this image on various products from RedBubble. Simply click on the “BUY Products (from RedBubble)” Product button below to purchase products featuring this image directly from RedBubble. The company, RedBubble, is a separate company that has received licensing permission to produce and ship out products for Jerald Simon and in behalf of Music Motivation featuring original artwork and photography created by Jerald. If you purchase from their website, you will need to contact them regarding any questions about your non-music book products they sell (if you buy any of our PDF books or MP4 albums from us, you can contact us directly with questions about your PDF music books or individual sheet music orders – we just don’t handle the additional products featuring Jerald’s photography).

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This photograph was taken by Jerald Simon and is sold on various products from pictures and posters to various framed wall art displays, clothing, stationary, bed spreads, pillows, shower curtains, clocks, phone/tablet covers and cases, and much more. All of these products are produced and shipped by RedBubble and feature photography Jerald has taken. You can click on the “BUY Products (from RedBubble)” Product button above to purchase products featuring this image directly from RedBubble or visit this link:

On the RedBubble website you can see all of the additional products available featuring photography and original artwork by Jerald Simon. Visit this link to see other products featuring Jerald’s photography he has taken:


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